Saturday, March 06, 2010

BOS (School Operational Costs) distorted

Surabaya News - Education in Indonesia has become show increased high enough. Started three years ago the quality of education in the country supported by, one with the regular BOS (School Operational Aid). Each student got a free school fees and book allowances, there are also benefits students can not afford / orphans. Each child paid U.S. $ 30,000 dollars per month.

Ironically, the cost has been given by the government are not clear in its delivery. Funds can go down 3 - 6 months through the Bank's country can be manipulated by the schools to the actual needs of enriching themselves. Many schools spend each month BOS and minimize excess funds. If still left it will be recommended to return to the government, and therefore many of the schools that made the fund deficit. With still no reason the school needs to be met. After the BOS funds remaining few dollars and collected during the year, the funds are distributed to teachers and principals.

It is ironic if you see statements like this, because a lot of actual fraud need not confess by the teacher. How not ... teachers also rely on the BOS as the end of the year savings. This is the phenomenon of education in Indonesia that is damaged.

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