Saturday, March 06, 2010

BOS (School Operational Costs) distorted

Surabaya News - Education in Indonesia has become show increased high enough. Started three years ago the quality of education in the country supported by, one with the regular BOS (School Operational Aid). Each student got a free school fees and book allowances, there are also benefits students can not afford / orphans. Each child paid U.S. $ 30,000 dollars per month.

Ironically, the cost has been given by the government are not clear in its delivery. Funds can go down 3 - 6 months through the Bank's country can be manipulated by the schools to the actual needs of enriching themselves. Many schools spend each month BOS and minimize excess funds. If still left it will be recommended to return to the government, and therefore many of the schools that made the fund deficit. With still no reason the school needs to be met. After the BOS funds remaining few dollars and collected during the year, the funds are distributed to teachers and principals.

It is ironic if you see statements like this, because a lot of actual fraud need not confess by the teacher. How not ... teachers also rely on the BOS as the end of the year savings. This is the phenomenon of education in Indonesia that is damaged.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

28 February 2010: Arsenal 3 - Stoke City 1

Surabaya News - The game between Stoke City exclaimed - Arsenal, last Sunday morning full of tension. Arsenal are playing pretty to give up his first goal at Stoke City. But do not be afraid because Arsenal have the strength to achieve the first goal from Nicklas Bendtner on 32 minutes.

Apparently not give Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas managed to give a second goal for Arsenal. Cheers of joy from Arsenal suportes sounded excited. However, in the 66th minute Arsenal have suffered a bad situation, one of the best players, Aaron Ramsey must be carried to the hospital with injuries to his legs. The incident made Ryan Stoke City player players must get out of the field.

Britain Stadium was a moment of silence with the fall of Ramsey and create panic spectators and other players. Various negotiations between players and referees place so stressful. Tomas Rosicky finally Ramsey replaced in the field, to "revenge" for his friend Asenal try to do my best until the third goal was created by Thomas Vermaeleen. Leg magic has led Arsenal to three points are created in the 7th minute of extra time is given as.

This victory gives special memories for Arsenal, because not in vain if Ramsey to injury. The spirit of players and prayers from Arsenal fans to victory. Arsenal forward, you're the best.

By Arsenal Indonesia Supporter Surabaya and Surabaya News

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday of the Prophet's warning on landfill Al-Rofi '

Surabaya News - Birthday of the Prophet is one of the big day is celebrated every Muslim. Warning that have recalled the meaning of God's special messenger, that is Muhammad, the Muslim community always makes commemorate the various events. In the warning the prophet Maulid typically held a religious lectures, fairs and entertainment to exchange cake made by elementary school students, especially.

As performed by Al-Rofi landfill 'which is based in Surabaya Loka Manukan held with the tradition of the Prophet's Birthday cake exchanged. TPA is led by Mrs. Hesti Purwaningsih, S. Pd lasted antusis of festive and children students. TPA Al-Rofi 'which had stood since 2003 this gives a different nuance in his teaching. Print quality child and believe in Allah is the goal of Al-Rofi' landfill.

The event that begins with a lecture by Mr. Dursamsi religion is about the birth of the Prophet's virtues in everyday life. In this lecture the children are expected to always remember the greatness of God and reflect on the love of His Messenger, Muhammad. A very useful lecture ends with the cookie exchange with one another.

Closing the landfill Birthday of the Prophet of Al-Rafi 'The teacher is entrusted by the gentle, mother Anna. He closed the event with a prayer and share a cake that was exchanged with other cakes, and of course all the kids get parts.

From Tim Surabaya News reported ...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Truck Overturned in Greater Menganti Surabaya

Surabaya News - News of the Kingdom Menganti Surabaya has a local accident which resulted in a truck load of sand suddenly collapsed buildings. Local accident caused traffic around congested Menganti Kingdom. Motorcycles and cars that cross the area a little emotion and rang the bell vehicles. As a result the noisy atmosphere and make the hot weather in the surrounding areas.

The rider who was directly behind the other vehicle did not know this so they do it. A few minutes later the traffic police arrived to secure the area from traffic. The position of the overturned truck right in the middle of the road makes the rider must turn to cross it.

Local accident victim does not take seriously only truck driver who suffered injuries due to the crunch when the truck overturned into the left side. Beginning of this incident is very smooth and make a panic situation around. Truck load of sand is coming and going into the construction area of a building. Traffic kernet been secured by the truck had stopped and waited for the truck entered the building. After the truck into position behind the rear wheel caught a prominent stone board, so the truck must be forcefully pushed. Due to the hard drive that resulted in the left wheels of the truck breaking stones and planks at once the truck swerved to the left and then gradually fell to the truck body on the left side.

After the accident three hours later traffic Surabaya Raya Menganti crowded back smoothly. Until this news was not scaled back other things to worry about the people around. From the team Surabaya News reported.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keuntungan Menjelang UASBN

Surabaya News, Menjelang UASBN SD, SMP, SMU beberapa sekolah mendapat keuntungan secara materi. Keuntungan yang diambil dari pelaksanaan try out hingga rekreasi perpisahan. Dari beberapa moment ini dimanfaatkan sekolah untuk menggunakan dana BOS hingga tak bersisa. Padahal alasan sebenarnya adalah untuk meminimalkan saldo dana BOS. Penyalaguna

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Surabaya News - Jum’at, 15 Januari 2010 pada pukul 14.00 – 16.00 WIB Indonesia akan mengalami gerhana matahari cincin untuk kali pertama di tahun 2010. Gerhana matahari yang diperkirakan akan berlangsung selama 2 jam itu hanya akan terlihat di Sumatera, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Kalimantan, dan Sulawesi. Negara bagian Indonesia lainnya tidak bisa menikmati gerhana matahari cincin ini sebab perputaran cincin matahari akan lebih terlihat jelas di daerah Padang.

"Kalau tidak tertutup mendung atau hujan, nanti bisa terlihat," jelas Thomas Jamaludin, Profesor Riset Astronomi Lapan Bandung. Menurut dia, gerhana matahari ini hanya melintasi Afrika Tengah, India Selatan, Myanmar, dan China. Sehingga, Indonesia hanya mendapat gerhana sebagian saja.

Bagi yang ingin melihat gerhana matahari cincin ini, dianjurkan untuk memakai kacamata hitam sebagai pelindung mata. Karena cahaya yang dipantulkan dapat merusak atau mengurangi pandangan mata.

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