Sunday, February 28, 2010

28 February 2010: Arsenal 3 - Stoke City 1

Surabaya News - The game between Stoke City exclaimed - Arsenal, last Sunday morning full of tension. Arsenal are playing pretty to give up his first goal at Stoke City. But do not be afraid because Arsenal have the strength to achieve the first goal from Nicklas Bendtner on 32 minutes.

Apparently not give Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas managed to give a second goal for Arsenal. Cheers of joy from Arsenal suportes sounded excited. However, in the 66th minute Arsenal have suffered a bad situation, one of the best players, Aaron Ramsey must be carried to the hospital with injuries to his legs. The incident made Ryan Stoke City player players must get out of the field.

Britain Stadium was a moment of silence with the fall of Ramsey and create panic spectators and other players. Various negotiations between players and referees place so stressful. Tomas Rosicky finally Ramsey replaced in the field, to "revenge" for his friend Asenal try to do my best until the third goal was created by Thomas Vermaeleen. Leg magic has led Arsenal to three points are created in the 7th minute of extra time is given as.

This victory gives special memories for Arsenal, because not in vain if Ramsey to injury. The spirit of players and prayers from Arsenal fans to victory. Arsenal forward, you're the best.

By Arsenal Indonesia Supporter Surabaya and Surabaya News

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