Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Truck Overturned in Greater Menganti Surabaya

Surabaya News - News of the Kingdom Menganti Surabaya has a local accident which resulted in a truck load of sand suddenly collapsed buildings. Local accident caused traffic around congested Menganti Kingdom. Motorcycles and cars that cross the area a little emotion and rang the bell vehicles. As a result the noisy atmosphere and make the hot weather in the surrounding areas.

The rider who was directly behind the other vehicle did not know this so they do it. A few minutes later the traffic police arrived to secure the area from traffic. The position of the overturned truck right in the middle of the road makes the rider must turn to cross it.

Local accident victim does not take seriously only truck driver who suffered injuries due to the crunch when the truck overturned into the left side. Beginning of this incident is very smooth and make a panic situation around. Truck load of sand is coming and going into the construction area of a building. Traffic kernet been secured by the truck had stopped and waited for the truck entered the building. After the truck into position behind the rear wheel caught a prominent stone board, so the truck must be forcefully pushed. Due to the hard drive that resulted in the left wheels of the truck breaking stones and planks at once the truck swerved to the left and then gradually fell to the truck body on the left side.

After the accident three hours later traffic Surabaya Raya Menganti crowded back smoothly. Until this news was not scaled back other things to worry about the people around. From the team Surabaya News reported.

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