Monday, June 27, 2011

XL wins 3 Awards at Event 100 IBWC Swa

XL re-awarded in the event the Swa 100 Indonesia Best Wealth Creators (IBWC) 2011. In the event that was held Self magazine, XL won three types of awards namely Indonesia 1st Ranking of Best Public Companies in 2011 Based on WAI (Wealth Added Index) method for the Telecommunication Services category, the ASEAN Best Public Companies in 2011 based on WAI (Wealth Added Index) Method, and Indonesia Best Public Companies in 2011 Based on WAI (Wealth Added Index) method. Awards received directly by the President Director of XL, Hasnul Suhaimi in Jakarta last weekend.

XL awards received, according to Hasnul Suhaimi, an appreciation for the achievement of hard work during this XL. Well as a challenge to keep moving forward in providing better services for customers while also increasing the company value.

Ranking of 100 best companies in Indonesia in 2011 SWA 100 years this method or WAI Wealth Added Index, which allows the managers of the company combines today's performance (Operating Current Value) or COV, and the expectations of the future (Future Growth Valie) or FCH with financing needs and the minimum expected return of shareholders (required return).

While the awards PR Programs & People of The Year 2011 organized by the Marketing Mix Magazine, XL also won three awards for the categories of CEO President Director of XL, Hasnul Suhaimi, category Spoke Person to Head of Corporate Communications, XL, Febriati Nadira, as well as the category PR Marketing Program for NetRally XL program. Hasnul Suhaimi and Nadira assessed Febriati committee as a resource that is able to establish and maintain good relations with the media.

The program XL Network Rally considered to be unique, interactive, and involves the participation of the community who participated in the program NetRally. PR Programs & People of The Year 2011 is the annual awards event that aims to provide apreasiasi for the individuals and companies related to public communication activities in support of business activities the company concerned.

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5976 high school students fighting RSBI 1600 Bench

A total of 5976 students scramble 1600 seats in high school 8th International Standard School Stubs (RSBI) in Surabaya in the entrance test RSBI first day, Monday (27/06/2011). As for RSBI SMP 5414 recorded 670 students competing in three SMPN RSBI chair.

The test was conducted into RSBI for 2 days with testing this 3 subjects. According to the Head of Education Surabaya, Sahudi, reporters, by looking at the composition of the bench with the participants, the competition is quite tight. Even for SMP RSBI, inevitably, students must really work hard to get away in this test.

For that, said Sahudi, it had long ago instructed school principals encourage students to learn more intensively if it wanted in. RSBI. ''There are three subjects that should be studied namely Mathematics, English and Ipa. Because it is tested on entry tests RSBI,''he said.

Responding to a matter of implementation of the test exam today, Sahudi asserts, there are no significant obstacles. He hopes that continued smoothly until after the exam tests.

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In Nature Bury, Michael Jackson installment debt

When was killed June 25, 2009, the King of Pop Michael Jackson leaving debts of about U.S. $ 400 million or around Rp 3.5 trillion. Mountain of debt that seemed to accompany the tragic death of the megastar.

But that was then. Jacko turns of the few remaining heritage instead produce a lot of money, which could then be used to pay down the debt.

One of Jackson's legacy of making money that is This Is It video that explores the practice ahead of her comeback concert at London's O2 that ultimately failed because he was he died. Video concert generate money 261 million U.S. dollars. Sale also various objects, such as a music catalog was re-released and a number of songs that have never played.

Of money-money, at least Jacko debt had shrunk to about 159 million U.S. dollars, or about Rp 1.4 trillion. Money was also used to fix Jacko ranch, Neverland, as well as to finance Jackson's mother lives, she and her three children Prince Michael (13), Paris (12) and Prince Michael II (9) or more fondly known as Blanket.

In addition to finance all the family's needs ranging from holidays to buy a new car, apparently it's also money to pay the tax arrears are not paid Jacko began 2006-2008.

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Michael Jackson Jacket Code USD 15 Billion

Black leather jacket and red used pop star Michael Jackson in the Thriller video sold U.S. $ 1.8 million or about Rp15 billion.

Auction was held just a day after the second anniversary of the death of pop music's icons.

Julien's Auction House, Beverly Hills jacket describes this as one of the most popular clothing in the world in the 20th century.

In the 1980s, the jacket was copied and then sells when sold to fans of Jackson.

"The jacket is red and black became synonymous with video is Jackson. In fact, he kept wearing the same jacket when displaying Thriller throughout his career, "added Julien.

Jackets being auctioned is one of the jackets he wore in the video clip.

One other jackets are now stored in museums Riock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Part of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Shambala Preserve, California where two Bengal tigers owned by Jacko, Thriller and Sabu is now living.

Both moved into place in 2006 when Jackson left his home, Neverland Ranch.

So far the auction house in Beverly Hills Julien did not provide detailed information about the buyer's skin jacket.

The day before the auction was held, hundreds of fans of Michael Jackson's two-year commemorating the death of the king of pop in the age of 50 years.

Jackson died from an overdose of sedatives at the time he was preparing for his concert in London.

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1 Ramadan Fall On August 1, 2011

East MuhammadiyahJawa Regional Board determines a fall in Ramadan 1432 Hijri, Monday, August 1, 2011. Determination of the fall of Ramadan based on expert consensus Hisham the Legal Affairs Committee, PWM East Java.

"By using the intrinsic method of reckoning the first of Ramadan falls on 1 August," said Secretary of PWM Java Nadjib Hamid when contacted Legal, Monday (27/06/2011).

Nadjib explained, the determination was obtained after calculating the ultimate reckoning system at the headquarters of the Cape Frog, Lamongan, East Java.

From the calculations it is obtained that the end of the month of Ramadhan 1432 Hijra falls on July 31, 2011 at 01, 39 minutes 42 seconds GMT (1:39:42) up to at 1:41:09 pm.

"As the sun sets at 17:31:51 GMT, moon already being 7 degrees 7 minutes 36 seconds to 7 degrees 16 minutes. Can be concluded a Ramadan 1432 Hijri fell on Monday August 1, 2011, "explained Nadjib.

He added, after the determination, the PWM immediately disseminate to the public. He believes the determination of a Ramadan 1432 Hijri there will be no difference with other Islamic Organizations. Therefore, the position of moon at 7 degrees more.

"For the beginning of Ramadan, I am sure will compact. Therefore, the position of the new moon was 7 degrees more. We guarantee it, "said Najib.

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