Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UNAS SD, Surabaya in Ranked 17

Surabaya city again suffered a ratings downgrade in value. Surabaya is only ranked 17th in the National Exam SD / MI in 2010/2011 based on data issued by the Department of Education in East Java on Saturday (18 / 6).

"The city of Surabaya is ranked 17 SD and MI is ranked 18th with average - average value of 23.92," said Head of Education Department of East Java, Aaron told reporters in the education office of East Java, on Saturday (18/06).

In addition, rating the top 10 achieved SD sequence District Mojokerto, Sidoarjo, Madiun district, Mojokerto, Lamongan, Tulungagung, Gresik, Madiun, City Lamongan and Nganjuk.

While the top 10 private MI is the District Mojokerto, Sidoarjo, Madiun district, Mojokerto, Tulungagung District, Lamongan, Madiun, Gresik, Lamongan and Nganjuk City.

Meanwhile, schools that occupy the top three is SDN Made 4 Lamongan, SDN Kedung Gempol Mojokerto and Malang SD Al Yalu. As for the students with the highest value of SD Dyah Ayu Sentari Sidokumpul 4 ​​Gresik, followed by Princess Schoolgirl from Banyuwangi Wetan Kalibaru SD and SD Gempol Siti Azizah from Pasuruan.

The highest value achieved in Surabaya Christopher Eri Susanto origin SD Petra 5 ranks fourth in East Java.

He added that this year, as many as 597,761 elementary school students to follow the UN in East Java, from 25,528 school organizers. Top with the best value is dominated areas. Similarly, for SD / MI private.

He said he instructed all regions to improve the quality of education in their respective environments. The increase mainly for areas that are underachieving. "Quality education must still be improved, not to be outdone by the other regions," he said

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