Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coaching Teachers in West Surabaya Related "Contek Massal"

Discovery of "Contek Massal" in the SDN Gadel II by Mrs Siami create commotion Gadel villagers, the school up to the government. Mrs Courage Siami like rain to drown everyone. In this issue, there are gainers and losers, remember the "Contek Bulk" became national news during the last two months.

The impact of this problem, the principal and two teachers SDN Gadel II underwent sanction from the government. Moral and financial losses to be borne by the third person will be a lesson of life for everyone, that one's good intentions are not necessarily considered good by others.

Problems give each other the answers to others when the exam is in progress must be experienced by everyone, especially children. Total value of the determinant of the level of intelligence of children in school. This is what makes the understanding of parents and students was minimal. No socialization on this issue, so some parties feel aggrieved and disadvantaged.

Thursday, June 23, 2011, the Surabaya city education office held a training for teachers, especially the sixth grade teacher at West Surabaya. Socialization is aimed at fostering teachers tell their students not to give answers to each other when the exam took place. The purpose of education is the city of Surabaya held his socialization which will be attended by the mayor, hoping the next school year there are no similar problems. The teachers complained about the socialization, because then the teacher is the object of blame.

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