Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not There "Contek Massal" at SDN Gadel II Surabaya

Surabaya News - Problems "Contek Massal" that happened in elementary school SDN Gadel II is still a warm conversation print and electronic media. This problem does not seem persisted and increasingly spread in the government and sanctions related to the object. In this case as if the educators are blamed for the occurrence of fraud in the National Exam.

Sanctions on the school principal and two teachers at SDN Gadel II, did not make the mother Siami stop saying that his son was a victim of dishonesty teacher at the school. Siami mother repeatedly said that his confession was as a form of honesty to his son, Alif, always act honestly in the future. Meanwhile, the media continue to seek the end of completion of the "Contek Massal"is.

According to the national education minister, M. Nuh stated that the SDN Gadel II did not happen cheating "Contek Massal" as reported by the media or the reporting of maternal Siami. This is evidenced from the National Examination results of students in SDN Gadel II there is no similarity between the students. Then it can be declared not happen "Contek Massal. "

But unfortunately, from the observer states this education a fraud committed teachers to save the National Examination students. And, let us return again to the regulations made ​​by the government about the obligations of students to complete a final examination before they passed. There is certainly no cause and effect, do not just blame one another, but must be reviewed, whether the mother Siami correct action in support of honesty? Or blame the school to help students through the National Examination (which is actually not accurate)?

Stay with Surabaya News, recognition of the regulatory space 15 where Alif run National Examination revealed the truth.

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