Monday, June 27, 2011

5976 high school students fighting RSBI 1600 Bench

A total of 5976 students scramble 1600 seats in high school 8th International Standard School Stubs (RSBI) in Surabaya in the entrance test RSBI first day, Monday (27/06/2011). As for RSBI SMP 5414 recorded 670 students competing in three SMPN RSBI chair.

The test was conducted into RSBI for 2 days with testing this 3 subjects. According to the Head of Education Surabaya, Sahudi, reporters, by looking at the composition of the bench with the participants, the competition is quite tight. Even for SMP RSBI, inevitably, students must really work hard to get away in this test.

For that, said Sahudi, it had long ago instructed school principals encourage students to learn more intensively if it wanted in. RSBI. ''There are three subjects that should be studied namely Mathematics, English and Ipa. Because it is tested on entry tests RSBI,''he said.

Responding to a matter of implementation of the test exam today, Sahudi asserts, there are no significant obstacles. He hopes that continued smoothly until after the exam tests.

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