Monday, June 27, 2011

In Nature Bury, Michael Jackson installment debt

When was killed June 25, 2009, the King of Pop Michael Jackson leaving debts of about U.S. $ 400 million or around Rp 3.5 trillion. Mountain of debt that seemed to accompany the tragic death of the megastar.

But that was then. Jacko turns of the few remaining heritage instead produce a lot of money, which could then be used to pay down the debt.

One of Jackson's legacy of making money that is This Is It video that explores the practice ahead of her comeback concert at London's O2 that ultimately failed because he was he died. Video concert generate money 261 million U.S. dollars. Sale also various objects, such as a music catalog was re-released and a number of songs that have never played.

Of money-money, at least Jacko debt had shrunk to about 159 million U.S. dollars, or about Rp 1.4 trillion. Money was also used to fix Jacko ranch, Neverland, as well as to finance Jackson's mother lives, she and her three children Prince Michael (13), Paris (12) and Prince Michael II (9) or more fondly known as Blanket.

In addition to finance all the family's needs ranging from holidays to buy a new car, apparently it's also money to pay the tax arrears are not paid Jacko began 2006-2008.

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