Thursday, June 16, 2011

Village Board Siami Coaxed Back to Surabaya

Board Village Community Resilience Institution (LKMK) Karangpoh, District Tandes, Surabaya attempt to resolve the conflict between the villagers Siami Gadel by holding reconciliation.

Secretary LKMK Karangpoh Abdullah said the board's intention already socialized to the citizens. "The reaction from residents vary, there is support behind Mrs. Siami to Gadel, others do not agree that he returned to this village," Abdullah said when met at his home, Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

Despite opposition, said Abdullah, LKMK not stop to seek reconciliation. In fact, Abdullah himself has met the current Siami fled to her parents' house in the hamlet Lumpang, Dapurklagen Village, District Benjeng, Gresik. "I tried to persuade Mrs. Siami want to return to Gadel, but he's not ready because it is still traumatized," said Abdullah.

According to Abdullah, the expulsion of citizens against Siami more caused by their sympathy to the three elementary school teachers Gadel District 2, which is now sanctioned. Third of teachers sanctioned following reports that the act has occurred Siami mass cheating in school exams such as the national past. Siami open a fraud because of his son, Al, was asked by his teacher to cheat.

All three teachers are now drawn on the staff to the Education Office at Surabaya is the Principal Sukatman, Mayor Fatkurahman Class VI, and teachers Prayitno. "These three teachers have long served in the school, while Siami considered newcomers," said Abdullah.

Tempo Siami contacted via cell phone. However, the phone received Widodo, Siami husband. Widodo welcomed the eager desire village board held a reconciliation. But, according to him, his wife has been no desire to return to his village as it is still seized with the trauma. "In the meantime my wife was calm in his parents' house," said Widodo.

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