Wednesday, June 15, 2011

National Examination Supervisory Related Restless "Contek Massal"

Surabaya News - "ContekMassal " that occurred in the SDN Gadel II Surabaya not only create the principal and two teachers sanctioned but the parties involved now invigilator to be a witness to this problem. A teacher at SDN invigilator Gadel II who was a team supervisor at the school are very surprised by the occurrence of this problem. A teacher who had the initials KP will serve as witnesses to the parties expectorat for questioning that occurs in schools Gadel II Surabaya.

KP's mother explains that she and other supervisors friend actually watching students do the test. If there is a crowd or a little commotion, the mother of KP action immediately rebuked the students. "In this case I was also worried, if the problem is bringing my name. During my last exam and other supervisors to maintain an orderly manner. His name is also the children, especially children today, there is nothing naughty or noisy. So, what I watch that test is really an orderly and there was no answer to give each other "said the mother of KP.

KP maternal anxiety and some other supervisor is fair and not entirely to blame, because only supervisors to monitor the implementation of the exam. To reinforce his argument that the mother of KP showed a video recording during SDN Gadel II exam in Surabaya. In the tape shown students who incite buzz with his friend even though the test is still running. KP's mother had scolded the students but the students were still seen moving.

"I took the video and some photos of it on their own initiative. I feel there's something wrong with that day when I served on the SDN Gadel II Surabaya, let alone children inconsolably, when I scold them then shut up." KP's mother continued to defend himself.

News of the Surabaya team interviews with mothers who are very exclusive KP said that this was due to an error of language or sentence given to others, so that the recipient of the message is interpreted based on emotional abuse. Therefore, it is necessary to think creatively interpret the words, because the tongue spineless anything can happen due to mistake or misinterpret something.

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