Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Immediate Family Siami Back to home Gadel

Anger citizens Gadel II related "Contek Massal" increasingly subsided. Communities, schools, government, and the family Siami agreed to resolve this issue amicably. Although the principal and two teachers at SDN Gadel II is now serving any of the government, the problem of "Contek Massal" is finished.

In the near future, the family soon returned to his native Siami Gadel and occupy the house. Siami and her husband will continue tailoring their curtains that had been run. Given these problems are just finished, Siami asked for protection to guard the security forces during the time required. In fact, at a meeting of parents and the distribution of diplomas in SDN Gadel II, Siami and Al did not appear. They are still enjoying the school holidays at his family home, Gresik.

Al felt herself and her actions are innocent, so he was more proud of his honesty. Al Hope, he wanted to get SMP 3 Surabaya and achieve its goals. Some junior high school teachers and principals are concerned feel happy if Al a student at the school in question. However, worry the school on the actions of parents that spontaneity is needed socialization before accepting new students.

This action not only delivered by the SMP 3 Surabaya as the place to further the learning objectives of Al, but other SMP also do the same, to socialize the students' parents. So that issues such as "Contek Massal" does not happen again.

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