Thursday, June 16, 2011

Minister of Education: Honesty Cheating UN Issues

National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh declared National Exam cheating (UN) issues concerning the level of honesty. "The problem at the level of honesty, although not all the disciples not truth," said Mohammad Nuh last night.

"The solution is yes through character education," said Nuh. Nuh also denied if the fraud when the UN, especially at the elementary level occurred because schools and students worry about graduation.

According to Nuh, UN differ with the UN elementary school and high school. "Standards are determined entirely by the school graduation," he said. UN SD only to measure the academic ability of students according to national standards.

Nuh argues about the National Exam elementary, junior and senior high school is not difficult. "Unlike the graduation entrance examinations using the highest standard, passing the national exam uses a minimum standard," said Nuh.

This year, there were two reports of mass cheating in national examinations for primary. The first allegations of fraud, namely in the evening Pesanggrahan Elementary School 06, South Jakarta. Despite complaining to the local Education Department and is assisted by the National Commission for Child Protection, until now the case has not found a solution path.

Later, UN fraud were also reported in Gadel II Elementary School, Surabaya, East Java. Ironically, the sanctions are not only accepted the teacher and principal in elementary school, the complainant was affected by sanctions. AL and his parents (the complainant) was expelled by the citizens and parents who do not agree with the complaint.

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