Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Contek Massal" at SDN Gadel II Surabaya

Surabaya News - Siami mother who reported the case of dishonesty on the National Exam in 2011 this had widened to the state officials. Action Siami mother received a positive response and negative as well as from several parties. The related parties are parents, principals, classroom teachers, the superintendent of the National Exam, the media, to the government.

This problem originated from the child's mother Siami friend, Al, who tells us that Al should give answers to its National Examination on his friends. It seems that the recognition of Al in the mother Siami friend infuriated him and ask for the truth to her son. After receiving the fact, mothers did not receive Siami feel if his son were told to give answers to the National Exam. Finally, the mother Siami take the path report on school principals and school committees. Unfortunately, this problem is considered normal and the school accommodate the complaints of the mother by apologizing.

The apology did not make the school a relief Siami mother, she wanted the school to its knees on the demands of the mother. Finally mother Siami poured pouring her heart out at the media Radio Suara Surabaya. Starting from the end where many journalists who respond to this problem and write their language so that this problem even greater, up to a lot of educational and cultural observers commented on this problem is the collapse of the Indonesian nation honesty.

Is this so? So far the real meaning of honesty? Through Surabaya News, the story of "Contek Massal" in Surabaya will be revealed.

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