Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Students Scoffed at Facebook, Teachers Affected Sanctions

Not receive the teacher ridiculed her daughter, a mother in Chicago, United States (U.S.), dragged the teacher to court. How not to upset, the mother, Lucinda Williams, knowing her daughter is in grade two Chicago Public Schools, to brunt through Facebook. He considered, teachers' actions were very inappropriate and had dropped her daughter's mental.

All started from a child wishes to change her hairdo. Seeing a unique hairstyle in a magazine, seven-year-old boy whining that changed her hair like that for a school event. Without thinking, she was granted it. While in school, a teacher took his photograph and secretly post them on Facebook. But instead of praise, the teacher instead gave a bad comment. "Look, you guys think I'm joking?," He wrote.

Some friends of the teacher to comment that is not less evil, mocking the little girl's hairstyle. "If you want to make your child seem silly, at least you can do is make it look perfect with her hair style," said a friend of the teacher. Lucinda knew this after being told by parents whose children happened to be friends with the teacher in social networking. The boy's parents save view these postings and get sent via email to Lucinda.

When Lucinda reported this to the school, principals and teachers who mock apologized. But not quite up there, Lucinda memperkarakannya to court. Spokeswoman Monique Bond said the court was investigating the case and most likely will impose sanctions against the teacher. But he has not mentioned what form of punishment given.

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