Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday of the Prophet's warning on landfill Al-Rofi '

Surabaya News - Birthday of the Prophet is one of the big day is celebrated every Muslim. Warning that have recalled the meaning of God's special messenger, that is Muhammad, the Muslim community always makes commemorate the various events. In the warning the prophet Maulid typically held a religious lectures, fairs and entertainment to exchange cake made by elementary school students, especially.

As performed by Al-Rofi landfill 'which is based in Surabaya Loka Manukan held with the tradition of the Prophet's Birthday cake exchanged. TPA is led by Mrs. Hesti Purwaningsih, S. Pd lasted antusis of festive and children students. TPA Al-Rofi 'which had stood since 2003 this gives a different nuance in his teaching. Print quality child and believe in Allah is the goal of Al-Rofi' landfill.

The event that begins with a lecture by Mr. Dursamsi religion is about the birth of the Prophet's virtues in everyday life. In this lecture the children are expected to always remember the greatness of God and reflect on the love of His Messenger, Muhammad. A very useful lecture ends with the cookie exchange with one another.

Closing the landfill Birthday of the Prophet of Al-Rafi 'The teacher is entrusted by the gentle, mother Anna. He closed the event with a prayer and share a cake that was exchanged with other cakes, and of course all the kids get parts.

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